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Rain Hitchman, Senior NeuChem Coach

Rain Hitchman, Senior Coach/Facilitator

Why NeuChem® Coaching?

I wanted to become a NeuChemologist because having worked with all the different methodologies and practices, I felt that with my coaching I wanted to go deeper – not into counselling but I felt that there was a certain point where I could not go with my client apart from to refer them to a psychotherapist – and yet this somehow felt like a hammer to crack a nut. I also felt that in training some people who arrived just weren’t able to take on all the information or perhaps they just couldn’t get creative so they weren’t getting the best from the sessions.


How did you become a NeuChem® Coach?

I’m currently using NeuChem® in my coaching in my practice and am an undergraduate in NeuChem® Coaching and Mentoring and NeuChem® at foundation degree level (Ofsted regulated).

I have attended the Intro, Award, Certification and working on the Diploma and the education and information has been eye opening, fun and practical. I love the fact that it is the first regulated and supervised coaching and mentoring course out there globally. I love being a pioneer and a change agent. I love that I can now help my clients go so much further and get to the root of their issues and let them know what they need to do themselves in simple easy repeatable activities on the spot and in the moment which helps them overcome their issues and be the best versions of themselves. My clients then go on to achieve their personal mission unencumbered by negative and oxymoronic behaviours that they can’t control or understand. Putting clients back in the driving seat of their emotions and rewiring their neuro wiring is an amazing feeling – it’s a blessing to be able to really help and transform and - it’s humbling.

In my training and facilitation roles I have also started to use some of the same techniques to get delegates working using their brains capacity for creativity and innovation, and to open up the neural pathways so that they can take on new information and concepts easily as getting them into a place where their learning centres are engaged so they retain information better and for longer.

The whole experience has been fantastic and I’ve really differentiated myself and my business so it’s translating into more business and bigger profile.

"It was really interesting finding out how that deeper understanding of how the brain works for us in life, could then make my capability as a coach even more powerful. To anyone coming on the course, I'd say be prepared to learn a mix of science and art. It's stimulating!"

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